2010 Nfl Predictions: Houston Texans

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asked Jan 8 by NicholBronso (120 points)
The NFL is in full swing. It is already week fourteen of the NFL season. There has been a lot of fantastic quarterback play so far this season. Many have an outstanding passing yardage total already. The leading five are listed below.

(three) Houston Texans (2-1): The Texans looked like they were on a fast monitor to one of the AFC's best but seemed very typical in their week 3 loss at home to the Cowboys. They should get back on track this week at Oakland.

Fortunately for the Packers, they do get an chance this 7 days to lastly include their first get in nearly a thirty day period. While the NFL Packers Jerseys certainly shouldn't be ignored, particularly because they are taking part in at house, I do like the Packers probabilities.

New York Jets (9-5) at Seattle Seahawks (3-eleven) - The Seahawks could truly want some revenge following obtaining knocked out of the playoffs by Favre last season, and ought to arrive out prepared to perform. At home, this could be a big upset brewing, as the fans want to see another get.

32. (32) Detroit Lions (-11) - An additional loss isn't a surprise, but it seemed like they may be in a position to compete prior to they threw it away on Sunday. Now they are rewarded with the Titans subsequent.

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