2010 Nfl Predictions: Seattle Seahawks.

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Hines Ward waltzed (well, technically he samba-ed) away with the desired Mirror Ball Prize to end Season 12 of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" Tuesday evening. The two-time Super Bowl champion graciously thanked the fans, the judges for their useful criticism throughout the season, and gave the credit for his victory to his expert dance partner, Kym Johnson.

Still, it was a perfect night for all-star large receiver Hines Ward, who has actually truly been known to take the show. He won the Super Bowl XL MVP award after helping his group to a 21-10 win over the Seattle Seahawks Jersey, capturing 43-yard touchdown pass in the 4th quarter and collecting 123 backyards receiving general.

New york city then needed to go to San Francisco to win the NFC title, and Washington might well need to go there also in this year's championship online game. Exactly what's more, the New England Patriots could be waiting for the NFC champion in the Super Bowl, as they awaited the Giants last season.

25) Minnesota Vikings (1-2) - Offensive coordinator Steve Loney is still calling the plays, type of. Loney offers them to Tice, who relays them to Culpepper. Tice did alter some calls during Sunday's win over New Orleans.

29) San Francisco 49ers (1-2) - Though dipping into house, Tim Rattay had to move out of the shotgun and under center last week versus Dallas because Cowboys fans were too loud.

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