Most Intimidating Arenas In The Nfl

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I simply wish to take a minute and thank the Cleveland Browns for beating the Bills, since it was the most gratifying win of last week's NFL chooses online game. Then once again, I do wish to let Donovan McNabb know that there is such a thing as overtime in the NFL. Finally I want to give a shout out to Peyton Hillis for giving the Broncos their reputation back that anybody can run behind that line. It was an excellent week except for K.C. and New England on Thursday.

Rather, the Redskins used that blowout to beat the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills Jerseys and Cleveland Browns over the next four weeks. At the same time, all the Eagles did afterwards was keep losing, albeit not as badly as they did in Washington. With that in mind, it is tough to picture Philadelphia doing any better in the rematch.

5,500 tickets were sold in 30 minutes varying from $50 to $500 when tickets went on sale last Saturday early morning. The fight will be telecasted on pay-per-view.

Uh oh. Are the Browns finally coming around? Does Quinn have the capability to take this team to the playoffs? Most likely not considering they still have games versus Indy, at Tennessee, at Philadelphia, and at Pittsburgh. Nevertheless if they win against Houston, Cincinnati, and eek out one in Philly they can have a winning record the remainder of the way out. Makes you question the entire Anderson handle the off-season.

In "Point Spread Picks," where the Vodka Examiner picked every NFL video game against the spread, we finished 144-112. Be sure to follow us through the playoffs, and stick with us for next season. Gamble in moderation. Pointer in excess.

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